It's a pleasure to create web experiences that represent people and speak on their behalf. To do it faithfully, you have to catch a glimpse of the inspiration that gets them up in the morning. The websites below are the results of that process.

Bungalow Hotel

Bungalow is a boutique hotel in northern New Jersey. Designed by the Novogratz family, It is possibly the coolest hotel in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Shipyard Marina

Located on the Hoboken waterfront, this symbol of American Industrial might during World War II has been repurposed as a recreational area offering boating, jet skiing, paddle sports and a very cool bar and food truck scene.

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JH Interiors

Jennifer Heubner is a force of nature; funny, energetic and totally creative. She's a joy to work with and I am proud to have designed this website for her start-up business.

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Laughing Bear Massage

Sheryl Goodling (Laughing Bear) is a master of relaxation, healing and life enhancement. Frankly, she is to massage what NASA is to paper airplanes. Whether you want to release a knot in your neck or increase your personal effectiveness, visit Laughing Bear.

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KISS Technology, LLC

KISS invented the "lanyard" method of prosthetic suspension. They also maintain several other world-wide patents that are key to the efficient fitting and fabrication of prosthetic limbs. I'm proud to help them grow their brand as they continue to invent products that improve the lives of people who've lost limbs.

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If print is dead these guys never got the memo. In fact, they're drafting their own memo: "We're big and thriving with a nimble attitude, strategic hardware investments and a huge capacity for warehousing and fulfillment". Call them Hardcore Press!

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