This gets at the essence of what I do. I select and organize text and images to create meaning that can be received in a predictable way.


I am often asked to build a body of icons that a sales team or a program designer can use for their sales material. Nothing adds more credibility to a presentation.


This is a legal exhibit that was commissioned for a court case.


The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group, is a Management consulting firm in North Carolina. Their core sales program uses bridges as a metaphor for the milestones in the consultative selling process. I was commissioned to create Images of those bridges and lay them out in pages that would be used as chapter headers in their printed playbooks and powerpoint presentations.


Pier Village Emails

Pier Village, in Monmouth County New Jersey, didn't just spring up organically. It was engineered. And early in the establishment of this planned community, an emailed newsletter was critical to the nurturing and cementing of it's identity. It created a sense of community, publicized community events and reinforced the value of living in Pier Village. It was a fascinating to be a part of this process.


Nicomatic Electronic Newsletter

Nicomatic is one of those companies that you've never heard of, but life without them would be very different. They make electronic components like keypad buttons, cable harnesses, LED "ropes" and the machines to implement those components in manufacturing. It was my privilege to create, manage and dispatch an e-newsletter that communicated their product lines and capabilities to an audience of electrical engineers and industrial designers. This was a monthly publication that ran almost 5 years.

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